Replace Boris Johnson with puppies with Pawry-Party tool

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Boris Johnson
Fed up of seeing pictures of Boris Johnson all the time in the run up to the general election? Well now you can replace his face with that of a much cuter puppy when you are online!

The Paw-ry Party is available to users of Google Chrome and will remove all pictures of the PM from websites or search engine results, replacing them with images of dogs randomly selected from!

It is designed for people who are “fed up of hearing about Boris, Brexit and now, an upcoming General Election”, according to Impression, the digital marketing agency that developed it in response to requests from its own staff.

“Research suggests that Brexit uncertainty and the political reporting around it has been negatively affecting mental health for many Brits,” said Impression founder Aaron Dicks. “Alongside this, multiple people have mentioned that having an office dog cheers them up, so this Chrome extension seemed like an obvious solution to supporting better mental health for our employees, and for anyone else who might need it.

“Regardless of your political views, we hope this app can provide some respite from the constant stream of Brexit-related headlines!”

The extension is available from the Chrome Web Store.

Chris Price
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