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Are you planning to become a solutions architect one of these days? Lucky you, you’re on the right page! In this article, you will gain important insights on how to dive into a solutions architect journey. It’s not a walk in the park, yes, but everything is achievable with preparation!

But before we get to the process of becoming a solutions architect, let’s first discuss what these IT professionals do.

Solutions architects in the IT industry

The world of a solutions architect is quite an amusing field where technical solutions are everywhere. From the name itself, they are people who are responsible for addressing particular business problems through technical solutions that are on a par with the enterprise architectural design. Their responsibilities include designing, outlining, and administering the solution engineering.

In simpler terms, they manage the general technical vision of a specific solution. And being the person in charge of a rather significant aspect in a business, it’s important to know the ins and outs of a solutions architect. Gaining all vital knowledge and skills as a solutions architect may not be an easy task but leave your worries away because Microsoft has something for you!

A Microsoft-designed certification for solutions architects

When it comes to top-notch services, Microsoft is always part of the principal IT companies worldwide. Their reputation has never been unfazed despite the endless updates and deviations in the IT sector. Instead, they emerged as a global leader. And through their Microsoft Certified Professional Program, they provide certification paths for IT professionals. This imperative program includes a valuable validation for solutions architects – Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert.

This credential is the best for solutions architect as through it you will learn a lot of technical skills like designing data platform solution, infrastructure strategy, and business continuity strategy; deploying infrastructure and apps; instigating security, workloads, and authentication. Topics about compute, storage, network, and security are also elaborated but in a much more realistic method. More than that, it’s all about exploring the well-recognized Microsoft Cloud Service, which is Azure.

Role-based certification exams

Before anything else, you should know that Microsoft has embraced the career-based approach in their certifications and exams. And since Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert is a role-based certification, this means that it’s more focused on skills development. Technically, this method is beneficial because it helps candidates to be fully ready, not just for the exam but also when they take the real challenge. Moreover, companies appreciate candidates who know how to put into action their knowledge. What is knowledge if you don’t know how to apply it, right?

Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert involves two exams: AZ-300 (Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies) and AZ-301 (Microsoft Azure Architect Design). For those who have taken Exam 70-535, then there’s an option for you to take only one exam, which is AZ-302.

Both Exams AZ-300 and AZ-301 are designed to validate specific technical tasks. For instance, AZ-300 establishes your expertise in infrastructure, authentication, storage, and security. On the other hand, AZ-301 takes on your proficiency in topics related to workload requirements, data platform solution, infrastructure strategy, and such.

Qualifications needed before acquiring the certification

Though there are no specific requirements before getting the exam, it is best for you to have an advanced background in diverse IT operations. The reason for such is that this role revolves around a particular area that can affect the business as a whole. Knowledge in networking, security, virtualization, data management, and the like is greatly recommended prior to the exam because solutions architects are professionals who give advice to stakeholders.

Become a certified solutions architect with ExamSnap

All the amazing things about Azure Solutions Architect Expert certification make it a top validation among those who want to pursue a career as a solutions architect. But of course, just like any other certification exams, you need to fill your mind first with valuable knowledge and skills.

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After utilizing both brain-dumps and training courses for Azure Solutions Architect Expert, you can also maximize different exam references like the self-paced and instructor-led courses offered by Microsoft. These resources are greatly recommended for candidates like you because it helps you become better-rounded. So, if you want to be perfectly ready, then utilize various materials to fill in all lacking knowledge and skills.


Being a solutions architect is such a stirring and rewarding IT career. And if you couple it with a role-based certification like Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert, then you’ll be a sought-after professional in no time. A Microsoft-certified solutions architect expert is simply one of the industry’s most coveted titles. Therefore, take advantage of ExamSnap and other exam prep materials to catch that dream career of yours!

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