How do I spot a fake review online? 5 tips


Would you be able to spot a fake review? Here are some general tips from Which? for avoiding the fakes when shopping online:

1. Take extra care shopping for brands you don’t know

Scrutinise customer reviews even more carefully if you are looking to buy a brand you do not recognise. Which? research indicates they are significantly more likely to be affected by fake reviews.

2. Be suspicious of large numbers of reviews

If you see hundreds or even thousands of reviews – be suspicious, especially if they are largely positive.

3. Look for repetition

If you see the same review titles, repetitive phrases or even the same reviewer name appear more than once on a product, it could have been targeted by fake reviews.

4. Look at the dates

If large numbers of reviews were posted on the same day, or in a short period of time, they may be fake – particularly if they are also not from a “verified” purchaser.

5. Check seller profiles

Potential warning signs may include foreign seller locations, strange business names and a lack of contact details. Check out the seller profile page before you buy to see if anything seems out of place.

Chris Price
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