Boundary unveils completely flexible home security system

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Edinburgh based company Boundary Technologies has created a smart home security system with a difference – it’s completely flexible to meet a user’s needs. Either they can choose a DIY installation or get the system fully installed complete with remote monitoring.

With Boundary, tamper-proofing technology means that the user will receive a notification of a break-in via a cellular back-up even if the burglar disconnects the phone line or the internet connection (with standard alarm systems this is not possible). It’s also been designed to meet UK and European standards. 

One option includes a completely monitored solution with a police response which customers can buy for £299 plus professional installation for £99. They can then subscribe to a range of add-ons payable on a monthly basis.

Alternatively, users can buy the system ‘off-the-shelf’ for £299 and install it themselves without having to pay a penny. Standard features include app-based control via a smartphone (Android and Apple iOS) with the option of editing settings to suit the user’s individual requirements.

For those who want even greater functionality, optional extras include push-notifications/real time alerts for activity within the home as well as smart home integration for control via voice assistants such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The system is also compatible with the Philips Hue lighting system so that lights are automatically switched on if an intruder is detected. (See Flexible Options box below for more information.)

Thanks to geofencing technology, the user is reminded to set the alarm when they leave the house, while those who don’t want to use their smartphone to control the system have the option of using an alarm code or key fob instead. Fobs use the latest anti-clone technology with NTAG encryption for added security.

Says Robin Knox, CEO of Boundary:

 “I was inspired to create Boundary while I was on my honeymoon in America. I realised that if someone broke into my house while I was away then I could watch them on my security cameras – which were already connected to the internet – but I wouldn’t be able to do anything to stop them.

“Boundary gives homeowners that kind of power, either through systems they can monitor themselves or through a more comprehensive service that’s linked to the police.”

Boundary has already raised close to its £50,000 target on crowdfunding website Kickstarter ( after just 24 hours with customers able to buy the system at a special introductory price of £199, £100 cheaper than the launch price. Boundary will officially launch to the public in March 2020. Boundary smart home security system

Product details

  • Push notifications sent to your phone in real time to keep you updated of any unusual activity at home
  • Geofencing technology reminds you to set the alarm when you leave the house
  • System features secure 128 bit encryption and anti-jamming algorithms
  • Fobs use state of the art anti cloning tech with NTAG encryption
  • Smart home integration with voice assistants provided. Including Amazon Alexa and Google Home compatibility
  • Compatible with Philips Hue lighting system – lights can be set to automatically turn on if an intruder is detected
  • Boundary App can be opened quickly using Face ID or Touch ID

Flexible options

  • £0 per month for activating and de-activating Boundary alarm via the mobile app as well as editing settings
  • £4 per month for push message alerts of sensor and alarm activations and for integration of voice assistants (Amazon Alexa and Google Home) and smart lighting systems (Philips Hue).
  • £8 per month to alert you and assigned keyholders to intrusions via automated phone calling, plus geofenced alerts that remind you to set the alarm as you leave
  • £15 per month for 24/7 professional monitoring for total peace of mind. Two sensor activations will result in the alarm’s receiving unit immediately calling through to the police control room to request a Level 1 response. (Professional installation costing £99 is required for this service. It may be cancelled if you cause multiple false alarms.)

You can see how Boundary works in this video below:

Disclosure – Tech Digest’s parent company Shiny Media has been working with Boundary Technologies to promote its Kickstarter fundraiser

Chris Price