Lightfoot to launch ‘fitbit for cars’ at London Motor Show

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Described as a ‘Fitbit for cars’, Lightfoot is to launch a new consumer product at the London Motor Show this week. The manufacturer claims the technology not only reduces emissions and accidents, it rewards those drivers for making a positive impact. 

The  in-vehicle device helps drivers find their engine ‘sweet spot’ by turning engine data into real-time feedback to help them improve efficiency. Lightfoot reduces fuel use and emissions rates by as much as 20%, while insurers and brokers report it that it reduces accident rates by up to 80%, claims the manufacturer.

Lightfoot incentivises a safer, more efficient driving style with perks typically worth £773.50 per year, it claims. Benefits include 10% off car and van rental, 20% off car insurance and over 100 more discounts online, on the high-street, and at venues.

Says Mark Roberts, Lightfoot’s founder and CEO: 

“We’re on a mission to change the way people think about driving. How you drive is far more important than what you drive. The environmental cost of manufacturing new cars  is huge and will take years to produce a net reduction in emissions.

“Fitting the car you drive now with Lightfoot and improving its efficiency through your own actions will have an immediate and substantial impact. Sometimes, taking small steps together gets you further than trying one giant leap.”

Lightfoot’s devices are available online via Halfords or the company’s own website with two options to buy. Option one is to purchase a monthly plan for £9.99 plus the device for £1. Option two offers the device for a one-off fee of £149.00, with an optional accompanying £3.99 subscription.

Chris Price
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