BT extends Complete Wi-Fi, promises to end black spots in home

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BT has announced it is extending its Complete Wi-Fi solution to new Superfast and Ultrafast Fibre broadband customers. With Complete Wi-Fi, BT claims it is the the only broadband provider to offer customers a strong reliable Wi-Fi guarantee for every room of their home.  

Complete Wi-Fi is now available for new Superfast Fibre customers, including on entry level Superfast Fibre Essential plans from just £39.99 per month. Complete Wi-Fi was initially launched only to BT Plus customers last November.

Unlike current Wi-Fi extenders, BT’s Complete Wi-Fi uses Wi-Fi Discs which pair with the new BT Smart Hub 2  creating what it claims is a single seamless, powerful Wi-Fi network in a customer’s home. Complete Wi-Fi enables both wall-to-wall coverage, and faster Wi-Fi speeds, allowing customers to stream HD video content in more places around the home, says BT. 

Customers set up Complete Wi-Fi from their smartphone with the My BT app. This allows them to make sure they’re getting the strongest signal around their home, it claims. 

According to the BT Modern Families report, 43% of people believe poor Wi-Fi restricts life at home, 52% of families are put off living in, or buying, a house with Wi-Fi black spots, and 43% of families claim they would be more productive and happy if their Wi-Fi worked across the whole home. 

Pete Oliver, Managing Director of Marketing for BT’s Consumer business said: “A  strong Wi-Fi connection throughout the home is so important for modern families, whatever they’re doing – whether it’s online gaming in the attic, homework in a bedroom, or streaming HD movies in the spare room. Complete Wi-Fi has been hugely popular for those on BT Plus, and we want even more customers to benefit from the very best connection in every corner of their home, so we’ve now also made it available to all BT fibre broadband customers.”

Complete Wi-Fi is available for new customers on Superfast Fibre Essential, Superfast Fibre and Superfast Fibre 2 plans for an additional £10 per month. For existing or new BT Plus customers it’s an additional £5 per month.

With Complete Wi-Fi, a BT customer will receive a next generation Smart Hub 2 and one Wi-Fi Disc to extend their Wi-Fi signal around their home. If this doesn’t give customers a strong signal in every room, they will receive up to two more discs free of charge. If they still don’t have signal in every room, BT will give the customer £20 back.

Complete Wi-Fi & Smart Hub 2 Discs Product Specifications

GENERAL Smart Hub 2 Wi-Fi Disc
Fibre Support Yes Yes
Access Methods supported ADSL, VDSL (FTTC), Ethernet WAN (FTTP), G.FAST Compatible with Smart Hub 2
802.11b support Yes Yes
802.11g support Yes Yes
802.11n support Yes Yes
802.11ac support Yes Yes
Stated speed Gigabit Ethernet LAN Gigabit Ethernet LAN
 VoIP / DECT / Voice  Yes  N/A
Complete Wi-Fi Enabled Yes Yes
WPA-Auto Yes Yes
WPA2 Yes Yes
Firewall Yes Yes
WPS Yes Yes
Size 254mm width x 157mm height x 30mm depth 165mm diameter x 36mm depth
Antennas 7 Wi-Fi
2 DECT antennas
4 Wi-Fi (simultaneous dual band)
Internal/external antennas Internal Internal
Number of WAN ports FTTP Hub only (3 x GigE LAN, 1WAN FTTP) n/a
Gigabit Ethernet ports 4 x Gigabit Ethernet LAN 1 x Gigabit Ethernet LAN
Ethernet connection speed 10/100/1000Mbit/s 10/100/1000Mbit/s
Other ports USB 2.0, DSL, FXS (Phone) n/a
Dual-Band Wireless (2.4GHz & 5GHz) Yes

2.4GHz 3 x 3 MIMO 11n

5GHz 4×4 MIMO 11ac


2.4GHz 4 x 4 MIMO 11n

5GHz 4×4 MIMO 11ac

Smart scan Yes Yes
Smart wireless modes Yes Yes
Airtime fairness Yes Yes
BT Wi-Fi (Openzone) Yes  No
WPS Yes Yes
DECT CATiq 2.1 Yes No


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