Amazon’s Alexa can now help NFL newbies understand the American sport

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Image: Press Association

Anyone new to NFL need not watch in confusion, as an Alexa skill has been added to provide insight into one of America’s favourite sports.

For those who have wondered what “move the chains” means or how tall quarterback Aaron Rodgers is, the Rookie’s Guide to the NFL holds the answers.

The official NFL skill for the Amazon voice-powered smart assistant can respond to questions about rules, penalties, scoring plays, commentator lingo, previous Super Bowls, team formations and more.

Amazon Echo is one of the world’s most popular smart speakers (Amazon/PA)

More than 1,000 terms and pieces of information are stored in the skill, offering guidance through the 2019 NFL playoffs and post-season.

Users simply need to search for the Rookie’s Guide to the NFL in the Alexa app. Then they can use their voice to ask Alexa to open NFL.

The skill will show images and videos to Alexa devices with screens, such as the Echo Show.

Amazon Echo is one of the world’s most popular smart speakers, with its Alexa assistant featured on a growing number of devices not made by Amazon.

Its leading rival is the Google Home and Google Assistant.

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