The Games We Loved Playing On Our iPhones In 2018


Many people would suggest that the iPhone is their preferred gaming device today, and that’s testament to how far they have come technology wise over the last few years.

There have been some great games released on the iPhone recently, with 2018 arguably being the biggest year for iPhone gaming so far. With so many great games released, we’ve done our best to pick out a few gems.

Pokémon Quest

Pokémon Quest (pictured above) sees Pokémon from the Red and Blue editions transformed into block like form. Players get to take their Pokémon out on exciting adventures on Tumblecube Island, where they will go hunting for hidden treasure and battling wild Pokémon. The Pokémon craze is well and truly alive, and this is a title that will quench many a player’s thirst. It’s also worth noting that Pokémon Go has a new lease of life too, thanks to the release of Pokémon Let’s Go.

mFortune Bingo

mFortune is one of the leading mobile game developers in the industry today, with all of its brilliant content created in house. It’s back with a bang with the mFortune Bingo app, which provides players with 11 precious stoned themed bingo rooms and access to what is a warm and friendly community. It’s 90-ball bingo at its very best, with cards costing as little as 10p each and there are some huge jackpots to be won while playing too. New players can also pick up a 100% match bonus on their first ever deposit too up to £100, giving them a little bit extra to play with at the start of their bingo adventure.


Limbo is not a game for the feint hearted but one that every player who downloads it is bound to enjoy. The game centres on a young boy who has managed to find his way walking through a jungle that is packed full of scary surprises. There’s a real eeriness about the game, as there is no dialogue or even an explanation why the boy has found himself there, but this all adds to what makes the game so exciting in a dark way. Players will find themselves getting lost in the game, searching around for answers, before something finally clicks, and they discover the answers they have endeavoured to find.


What can you say about Fortnite that hasn’t already been said a million times over? Well, it’s finally made its way onto mobile and it continues to go from strength to strength on the smaller screen. It may not have been the first battle royale game to hit the market, or indeed mobile, but it’s by far and away one of the best. On mobile, players will be able to enjoy Fortnite Battle Royale as they know it, with the same map and weapons helping to deliver the finest last man standing action around. It’s time to ready up and prepare to take on your 99 rivals.

Tech Digest Correspondent