Amazon Alexa now available on Windows 10 PC – but without video, calls, Spotify

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Amazon Alexa on Windows 10
Alexa arrives on Windows 10 (PA)

Amazon is continuing to expand its Alexa digital voice assistant beyond its Echo speakers with the launch of an app on Windows 10.

Of course Microsoft already has its own voice-powered assistant for PCs, Cortana, but the two companies announced they were working together last summer, allowing users to summon either service interchangeably.

Anyone can download the Alexa app from the Microsoft Store free of charge, although you will need a compatible PC to use the Alexa wake word when making requests or asking questions – otherwise you can hit a button to gain Alexa’s attention instead.

Alexa on PC does many of the same tasks as it would on an Echo smart speaker, answering anything from questions about the weather, to turning on a smart light. However, video, calls and Spotify are among the list of omissions for PC.

There are also no PC-specific controls, but the tech giant plans to add such capabilities in early 2019.

Alexa, which celebrated its fourth birthday this week, has become one of the leading digital voice assistants on the market, taking on the likes of the Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and even Microsoft’s own assistant, Cortana.

A number of audio system makers have decided to integrate Alexa into their speakers amid growing demand for smart features, as well as cars such as BMW and Seat.

Amazon has also pushed Alexa further, unveiling integration into a microwave and a wall clock in September.

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