4 Reasons to invest in custom decals for your airpods

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Often employed for window displays or artwork, cut vinyl is a fantastic and economical way to advertise. We’ve numerous diverse uses for vinyl decals, and usually, the application is merely stripping off the back of your sticker.

The cut vinyl or custom decals, available on wraps studio decals are adhesive-backed and can be printed for placing on solid surfaces like airpods or see-through surfaces like glass.

Let’s take an in-depth look at why it makes sense to invest in custom decals.

1. Swift and easy application

Among the leading reasons to invest in custom decals, lettering or designs over its substitutes is the easy and straight-forward application. Employing custom decals gives your airpods a classic and professional look without resorting to waiting for hours before ink or paint dries up.

2. Durability and accuracy

Supposing you want your airpods rocking error-free customizations, then custom decals are the thing for you. Unlike hand-painted fronts, vinyl lettering ensures every letter or image appears as you’d want it, created with absolute accuracy before printing.

An additional perk to using cut vinyl is the ease of replacing and the fact that it doesn’t lower resale value if you happen to wish to list your airpods on the market at some point in the future.

3. Adaptability and longevity

You may use custom decals to wrap your airpods for extra protection against spills and scratches. Wraps studio also make stickers for other equipment like PlayStation thus allowing you to customize as much of your gadgets as you wish.

With its unique air-release technology decals allows for a flawless finish. Also, they allow for easy removal if you happen to want to change style or color without leaving a residue.

4. For all seasons

Take a walk around the city, and you’ll see excellent examples of decals all-over – from popular brands, catch saying placed on car bumpers, software firms to political circles. Often stickers direct viewers to sites where they can obtain more information on a product.

Most people would name at least four things they’ve previously seen on vinyl stickers without hesitation.

For your airpods, taking to consideration resistance to elements and durability and ease of application, vinyl stickers are easily noticeable and timeless.   

Bottom line

Technological advancements in the field of advertising seem to target market of a few hundred thousand, although possibly 1-5% of the lot sees the slogans, messages, and ads.

Custom decals are a substantiated method of drawing attention; regardless you are a politician, business, artist or a humorous person with a funny or important message. Custom decals are tailored for images or words of one’s choosing and are affordable to obtain in bulk, hard to brush aside no matter their placement.

Custom decals have proven a successful marketing method for both companies and individuals for decades and continually out-perform alternative attention seeking ways.


Tech Digest Correspondent