Apple launch event – Apple Watch Series 4, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max, iPhone XR all announced


Apple has launched a range of new products at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California including a new Apple Watch and several new iPhones …

Apple Watch 

New Series 4 watch with new displays. Digital crown with haptic feedback and new speaker (50% louder) and microphone. 64-bit dual core processor. Edge to Edge OLED display. Watch can detect falls and will deliver alert to emergency contacts after 1 minute.

Three new heart features – notification if heart rate is too low, will detect irregular heartbeat rhythm plus built in ECG (Electrocardiogram). Available in several finishes including gold stainless finish. Starts at $399 with GPS, $499 with mobile connectivity. Available September 21st.

Comments James Brown, Director of gadget insurance provider Protect Your Bubble:

“With a screen a third larger than its predecessor, the Series 4 Apple Watch brings a clearer display that avoids adding bulk and slashes the total volume of the device.

“Apple knows all too well that the success or failure of wearable tech hinges on its ability to solve real-world problems, and health is the focus this year, with the built-in ECG monitor.

“It’s reassuring to know that this enhanced display and upgrades to its health tracking will not see you charging the device at all hours of the day, with the promise of 18 hours wear time in the Series 4.”

Apple iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max 

Gold, silver and space grey finish. Waterproof – tested in chlorinated water, wine, tea and even beer!  5.8inch super retina OLED display on iPhone XS which is as big as iPhone 8 Plus display.

Also new 6.5inch super retina model (iPhone XS Max) which offers biggest ever display and biggest ever battery on an iPhone. Both models incorporate Face ID with faster algorithms and boast an A series chip (A12 Bionic) which is the first 7 nanometer chip.

Apple claims it’s 50% faster than A11 chip, offering neural engine with 8 core design.  A12 Bionic chip can process 5 trillion operations per second (that’s quite a lot). Real time machine learning, Siri shortcuts (iOS12) and AR optimised platform (AR Kit 2). 

Below: Home Court demonstration – an app that uses AR technology to offer real-time tracking for basketball players including overlay showing various features such as speed of ball and release height. 

Below: $999 for iPhone XS, $1099 for iPhone XS Max. Start preordering September 14, available 21st

Apple iPhone XR 

6 finishes in total including white, black, blue, coral finish, red. IP67 for protection from liquids. Edge to edge LCD display – ‘most advanced ever’. Liquid retina display = 6.1inch display which is bigger than iPhone 8S display. No home button (like iPhone X), instead you swipe down to get notifications.

Doesn’t have 3D touch but has haptic touch. Face ID. Also with A12 Bionic chip. Single camera system with 12MP wide angle camera (same as XS and XS Max). Can offer portrait mode photos with advanced bokeh control. Battery life = 1.5 hours greater than iPhone 8Plus. Recyclable product. Priced from $749 for 64GB model. 

Priced at $749, the iPhone XR (below) is the cheapest of the new iPhones. 



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