Top 5 Computer and Technology Books!


Books are people’s best friends and the sea of knowledge each book comes packed with is immense. With the advent of technology comes the need to understand each advancement.

Even though there are many online portals where one can easily find material to learn about the new advancements, the best knowledge comes from books. Here is an extensive list of computer and technology books where one can easily gain missing knowledge to find out more about a specific topic.

Whether you are studying programming, networking and cloud computing, operating systems or security and encryption, each book covers everything new in computers and technology at the moment. Here is our list of top 5 books that are available on Amazon.

1. Programming From The Ground Up, By Jonathan Bartlett, Dominick Bruno Jr 

The book revolves around the concepts of programming and uses Linux assembly language to put forward the concepts. The book comes at a price of $28.97.

2. Mastering Assembly Programming, By Alexey Lyashko 

This book brings the concepts of assembly programming and helps in understanding AL codes from high-level languages. It also highlights how a CPU works and helps in programming in high languages. Its price is $44.99.

3. Learn C the Hard Way – By Zed A. Shaw

The book Learn C the Hard Way brings out the concepts for beginning programming in the C language. The book consists of 52 exceptionally crafted exercises which teach the C language in a manner that is no less than perfect.

4 – The Self Taught Programmer – The Definitive Guide to Programming Professionally – By Cory Althoff 

This book, pictured above, helps the readers learn Python 3 with a learning object-oriented programming program. It helps in learning tools like Git, Bash, and other databases.

5 – Assembly Language Programming for Intel Processors Family – By Vasile Lungu

The book presents the assembly language for the family of Intel processors. The user level of the book is intermediate through to advanced. One can learn about computer system architecture, general organization and more.

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Why stay behind when you save and add on to money to your wallet! There’s a wide range of computer and technology books available on Amazon for the readers who believe in books more than anything else. Make way for expertise in the subjects with books of real wisdom shared by exceptional authors. All the best!

Chris Price