Top 5 Computer and Technology Books!

Books are people’s best friends and the sea of knowledge each book comes packed with is immense. With the advent of technology comes the need to understand each advancement. Even though there are many online portals where one can easily find material to learn about the new advancements, the best knowledge comes from books. Here…

Shaun the Sheep wants to get kids coding

Aardman Animations – the creator of Wallace and Gromit and Shaun the Sheep – and Nominet Trust have launched a national competition aimed at teaching programming skills to children. Shaun's Game Academy encourages young people to build online games based…

YouTube TV network planned; $100 million investment expected

YouTube are set to join the growing ranks of online video services that are planning to start their own web-based TV networks. Google are thought to be investing some $100 million into creating a 20 channel-strong network that will create…

Nine-year-old Malaysian prodigy codes iPhone app


You’ve got to envy Lim Ding Wen. Although I didn’t do too badly in my pre-10-year-old geek cred (I learnt BASIC on a BBC Microcomputer), he blows me out of the water by learning six programming languages and coding an iPhone app.

The application in question is called Doodle Kids, and it allows users to paint with their fingers, and then clear the screen etch-a-sketch style by shaking the phone. It’s been downloaded more than 4,000 times in less than two weeks. His next project? A sci-fi game called “Invader Wars”. Pretty soon he’s going to be coding SkyNet

(via BBC)

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UK "big three" broadcasters to launch on-demand video service

BBC Worldwide, ITV, and Channel 4, have today announced that they are set to launch a joint on-demand video service, offering a wide variety of both current and archival programming, next year. With a working title of "Kangaroo", the service…