Kitronik’s :GAME ZIP 64 allows gamers to code retro games like Snake and Pong!

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The next generation of teenagers will be able to enjoy the classic computer games of Pong and Snake thanks to a new gaming device produced by Kitronik. Kitronik has launched the all in one gaming device for the BBC micro:bit. Called the :GAME ZIP 64, it allows gamers to make and code their own retro games.

The :GAME ZIP 64 has been designed to be an all in one gaming platform for the micro:bit, which also includes its own screen comprising 64 individually addressable full colour ZIP LEDs.

It features on-board sound, directional buttons, fire buttons, haptic feedback, and breakout points so shoulder buttons or i2C devices can be added. All of these features are fully programmable. Kitronik has also included breakout points to allow for the use of larger LED screens.

Power is provided via the built in 3 x AA battery cages which have been ergonomically placed to act as hand grips which makes the :GAME ZIP 64 comfortable to hold and play.

To introduce users to coding their own games, Kitronik has created example games in both MakeCode Blocks and MicroPython. These can be downloaded free of charge enabling the games to be played immediately!

The :GAME ZIP 64 can also be coded to be used as a controller in other robotics projects involving the BBC micro:bit, such as Kitronik’s popular :Move Mini Buggy. All aspects of the BBC micro:bit can be used, such as the tilt, light and movement sensors which brings a wide range of possibilities to electronics projects.

Commenting on the launch of the :GAME ZIP 64, Kitronik co-founder Kevin Spurr says:

“We all remember playing Pong and Snake in our youth and we wanted to bring the simple fun of these games to the BBC micro:bit. Students, makers and gamers in the UK, Europe and America who use the BBC micro:bit, can now code their own games, enjoying not just playing them, but making them too.”

Kitronik was one of the original organisations involved in the BBC micro:bit project and is continually developing new products for the device to help keep young people engaged with coding and electronics. 

The device will be launched at the Bett Show at London’s Excel Centre, 24-27 January, along with other BBC micro:bit compatible products.

Key features of the :GAME ZIP 64 include:

  • ‘All in one’ gaming solution for the BBC micro:bit.
  • 64 individually addressable ZIP LED display screen.
  • Fully programmable onboard sound, directional buttons, fire buttons, and haptic feedback.
  • Breakout pads for adding shoulder buttons or i2C devices.
  • Breakout pads for driving larger LED screens.
  • Ergonomic design for comfortable gameplay.
  • Free games available from KitronikTo see a YouTube video of the :GAME ZIP 64 in development please click here.


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