Xmas gift guide: Top 10 gadgets to improve your productivity



Hoping for a prosperous 2018? Then you need to think about how you can improve your productivity and boost your income. A good way to start is by putting a few new gadgets on this year’s Christmas list, including a hand cranked iPhone case and a standing desk!

Penclic KB3, approx £79.99

Connected by Bluetooth, this Scandinavian designed wireless keyboard (pictured above)  can be used with computers, tablets as well as smart phones. It works across multiple platforms and operating systems, including iOS/OSX, Android and Windows. You can sit as far as 10 metres from the device and still have high quality connection while surfing.

The tenkeyless design – which means it doesn’t have a separate number pad – improves your working position by placing your elbows closer to you as you type. It also reduces the distance to the mouse, thereby eliminating unnecessary additional movement. The low profile of the keyboard keeps your wrists as flat as possible helping to prevent and alleviate symptoms of RSI. Available in Pro Black, Glam Gold & Pretty Pink (pictured above).

Walli Smart Wallet approx £69.99

Billed as the world’s first intelligent wallet, Walli’s Smart Wallet is the hi-tech way to carry your cards and cash. It’s constantly connected to your phone so, in theory, you’ll never lose your wallet or cards again – just don’t go losing your phone or you’ll really be in trouble! This everyday smart wallet comes with a special ‘smart pocket’ too, for storing your most used card. Leave it empty for too long after you’ve paid by card and it’ll ping another alert to your phone to double check you still have the card.


Varidesk Pro Plus 36 £365

A height-adjustable solution, this simple design turns any desk into a standing desk in a few seconds, doesn’t require any assembly and works with your existing furniture. The two-tiered design gives you a spacious upper display area for your laptop, monitor, or even dual-monitor setup, while the lower deck has plenty of room for a full-sized keyboard, mouse and more.

It’s claimed that standing desks like this can reduce back pain, lower high cholesterol and even increase concentration by nearly 50 per cent!

AMPWare Power Generating iPhone Case £69.99

Half our lives are spent on a smartphone these days, so it’s little wonder we get anxious if we’re miles from a plug socket. Thankfully AMPware has the answer with its Power Generating iPhone Case.

Developed in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, the revolutionary iPhone Case not only powers your gadget, it does a first rate job of protecting it as well. And all this in a discreet, pocket-friendly design. The world’s first hand-cranked iPhone battery case, this revolutionary gadget turns ten minutes of elbow grease into two hours of regular mobile use, to get you out of trouble when you really need it.

Cyanics desk organiser.jpg
Cyanics iStick Desktop Organizer £36.99 

Looking to become more productive and better organised in 2018? You can start by decluttering your desk so you don’t waste half your day trying to find what you need! This desktop organiser should really help you. It comes with loads of built features for tidying up your desk including photo slot, cup holder, three USB ports, multi card reader (Micro SD, SD/MMC, XD, MS/MS PRO DUO), pen holder, memo pad box, business card box, miscellaneous storage box, letter opener, mobile phone slot and paper holder. That’s qite a lot. It’s available in white or black from Amazon here.

Retro Arcade Game Kit,  £24.99

OK so strictly speaking the Haynes Retro Arcade Game Kit won’t make you more productive, but you know what they say ‘All work and no play…’ Part retro arcade classic, part Raspberry Pi, this collection of bits is your very own Pong game maker kit. Remember Pong? Two paddles and a square ball?

Simply follow the instructions to build a classic console, with an array of 120 gloriously low-tech LEDs as your screen. About as portable as a Motorola DynaTAC 8000X (Google it, kids) it’s hardly lightweight, but then neither is the sense of history at your fingertips as you twiddle your paddle up and down and defend your goal.

Noke Smart Bluetooth Padlock, £59.99

Keep your office valuables safe with this smart Bluetooth Padlock, pronounced No-Key (get it!). Controllable wirelessly and automatically from your smartphone or tablet using the iOS/Android app, this sturdy brushed metal lock can even be opened and closed by your colleagues, providing you allow them access. The app can be used to monitor exactly who opens and closes the padlock and at what time they do it.

Flic Wireless Smart Button, £29.99

A wireless smart button that creates shortcuts to your favourite actions on your phone, the Flic helps make everyday tasks much easier. For example, Flic will help you find your phone, locate your loved ones, play your music, adjust your lights and more!

Simply download the Flic app, connect your Flic button to the app and you’re ready to program your favourite actions! It’s available in several different colours, including turquoise, black and white.

Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset, £19.99

The Fowndry’s Immerse Plus Virtual Reality Headset uses the tech in your iPhone or Android smartphone to immerse you in a 3D world that’ll make your head spin! Forget buying a tech-heavy VR headset, The Fowndry’s Immerse Plus uses the power of your smartphone to drop you headfirst into breath-taking 3D worlds and 360-degree movies like never before.

Photch Bluetooth Bracelet Watch,  £39.99

The Fowndry’s Photch Bluetooth watch is a great first step into wearable tech, a vibrating phone bracelet that puts loads of your smartphone’s functions right on your wrist! The sleek smartwatch connects to any smartphone and can serve up a host of functions on its stylish, curved screen.

Chris Price
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