4 Benefits to using your email to fax

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It is now possible to send faxes from your email address. You can do this through online fax services which are inexpensive and reliable. This entails sending as well as receiving faxes through your email inbox.

A fax sent to your email address will arrive in the form of an attachment which you can download to view the content.  Sending a new fax need not be a hard thing to do. All one needs to do is create an email and address this email to the fax number of your recipient. Now, this happens in such a way that your online fax provider converts all your faxes into usable formats for you to download them in the formats of your choice. The online faxes can be sent in formats such as pictures, PDF, and even office documents.

So, what are the advantages of using your email to fax? Here are 4 benefits that you will get when you use your email to fax.

  1. Save Lots of Money when you use your email to fax

Whether you are a business or an individual, you can save a lot of money by using your email to fax. Large and small businesses have more to gain by the use of email to fax. You see, when you use your email for online faxing, you save a lot in terms of paper and toner costs.

Do not forget that you will not require a physical fax machine to receive your faxes.  Basic online fax plans start from $5 to $8 a month. As such, individuals and startups can trim their costs by using online fax services such as Gmail Fax Pro and other fax services.

  1. You are better organized with virtual fax services

When a company receives too many faxes on the traditional fax machine, these faxes become difficult to organize. This is not the case with the online fax services.

With an email to fax service, you only need to print the faxes that require printouts. The rest of the faxes received through email can be organized, categorized and labeled through your customized online filing system. This is one of the best ways to keep track of the faxes that are more important to you.

  1. Greater convenience for employees, individuals, and managers

With the email to fax services, you have better convenience regardless of your position in the organization. Any employee can send and receive the virtual faxes and this means that you can receive a fax wherever you are in the world. You will never have to rely on the physical fax machines in the offices.

Company employees and managers can receive and send faxes on the go. They can make sales calls and do all that is needed through the virtual faxes. They will never have to worry about having to miss any important faxes while they are away from the office.

  1. You can add a Digital Signature to Online Faxes

Faxing is still relevant partly due to the fact that one can add a signature to their faxes. With the online faxes, it is possible for you to add a digital signature and this makes the documents you send through this method much more valid than signatures that are sent through other means.

This is very important in the financial sector where signed documents need to quickly be turned around.


Chris Price