Technology skills that will help you find a job

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In today’s competitive job market, technical skills are required from more than just the IT job applicants. As technology is quickly and constantly evolving, tech-savvy job candidates stand out amongst their competitors, even for non-tech related positions.

No matter what your current technology skills are, there are many areas that applicants can choose from to enhance their skillset. If you are seeking a job, whether it is a creative, sales, marketing, administrative or other non-IT role, it is crucial to have relatively strong technology skills set to stay competitive.

Just take a glance at some job offers on the Internet and you will see that for many roles, required tech skills include: basic software development, fundamental graphic design and elaborate Web publishing.

In addition to the special skills you can acquire, it is highly recommended to polish and elaborate upon the skills you already have. If you enhance your skills, it will significantly help you increase the number of quality job proposals that you receive.

In this article, we highlight ten technology skills that will help you find a job.

Microsoft Office

The majority of job seekers have basic Microsoft Office skills. No matter your line of work, Microsoft Office including Word, PowerPoint and Excel prove beneficial. As Bob Myhal, CEO of NextHire said: “Having well-developed technical skills is no longer just a nice little add-on for job applicants.

Many employers now expect candidates to demonstrate proficiency in a variety of technical areas. Currently, [one of the] most sought-after tech skills is competency with Microsoft Excel, including the ability to construct and use pivot tables.”

It is the candidates that go above and beyond to learn complex functions within Microsoft Office (such as pivot tables, mail merges and expert document formation), that are highly sought after.


Email is the most common form of communication in the world of work, but it is also a specific skill to know how to use and set up your email in the most effective way possible. You can create folders, set filters for your inbox and even choose the ‘undo’ option via Gmail to retract an email you sent within a set amount of time.

Social Media

Though it can take some work to learn exactly how it works and how to use it effectively, social media is everywhere. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are three of the popular social media platforms that millions of people use. General social media savviness has become a very sought after quality for all of those in the work place, as organizations recognize the need to be active on social media and communicate with their customers.


Gone are the days where calling for IT support for every request is the norm. Many employers now seek those who have the tech-skills to troubleshoot, or at least know how to start of the process for their own work equipment. If you are able to do so, it shows potential employers that you take the initiative to problem solve and also think critically.

Storage tools and Back Up

Being aware of available storage tools and how to back up your work and information is a skill that will not only help you in your job process, but also throughout your entire career. Many companies either use local servers or have moved over to cloud storage. Storage apps, such as Dropbox and SkyDrive, can help you stay organized and also help you prepare for what you will most likely see for your future employer. Be sure to know how to back up your system, and remember to do so consistently or automatically so that you always have your information updated and secure.

Mobile development

Mobile development is a specific skill that has become more sought after as companies look to streamline processes. According to David Morgan, President of IT for Addison Group: “Finding professionals with iOS, Android, Windows and Web-based app development experience has become an industry race as companies expand their mobile capabilities to help streamline processes. Candidates specializing in mobile development can be expected to be hired within days, thanks to their in-demand skill set.

Be Up-to-date

Being up-to-date, although it is not a basic ‘technology skill’, requires the dedication of applicants to continue seeking knowledge. Industries change and technology evolves and it is crucial that candidates stay relevant and up to date with new trends. This is an especially helpful skill for interviews!

Keyboard shortcuts

For all job seekers, knowing your way around a computer will prove to be extremely useful. There are many keyboard shortcuts for both Microsoft PC and Apple computers that will make your time spent on a computer much more efficient.

Web Skills

In today’s digital age, companies are constantly looking for ways to enhance their presence on the web. Web skills, such as knowing how to maintain and update websites using HTML, WordPress and Java, are particularly attractive to all employers. Candidates who know how to also keep the company up to date, both on the web and via social media, bring a lot to the table for all organizations, regardless of the industry.

Graphic and Writing Skills

If you are the creative type and enjoy design and writing, or if you would like to enhance your graphic and writing skills, this focus proves important for many different jobs. Knowledge of graphic programs like InDesign and Illustrator, as well as Photoshop is not common across the workforce and could be your specialty that helps you land a job. Writing skills, both technical and non-technical, can also be leveraged across many roles. The combination of the two will be specifically attractive to potential employers, while the ability to create content and then use graphic programs to edit and formalize it exemplifies the ability to see a project through to the end.  



Chris Price