Nissan offers low cost power for electric vehicles, introduces new home chargers

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The new Nissan LEAF is capable of travelling 235miles on a single charge

At the European launch of its new Leaf in Oslo, Norway, Nissan promised to kickstart the electric car revolution, offering virtually free power to its EV (Electric Vehicle) customers as well as new home and office chargers.

Over the past year in Denmark, Nissan has been testing bi-directional charging which allows customers to draw energy from the grid to power their car or van which can then be sold back for others to use.

This means, once a nominal charge has been paid by the business for the installation of a V2G charger, there are no additional fuel or energy costs.

Nissan has also announced a similar UK collaboration with OVO allowing customers to purchase an xStorage home energy unit at a discounted price and sell energy back to the grid.

Says Paul Willcox, Chairman of Nissan Europe:

“Step by step we are removing any barriers to electric vehicle adoption – from infrastructure investment, to how people access the power itself.”

At its third Nissan Futures event – The Car and Beyond,  attended by Tech Digest, the company also pledged to expand its existing outdoor charging network by 20% over the next 18 months.

Working with EV fast charging standard CHAdeMO, the company claims to have already built Europe’s most comprehensive charging network, with over 4600 quick chargers across the region.

Home energy system 2.jpg
Nissan’s new home energy system

Nissan also announced its new 2018 range of home and office charging units. This includes the Nissan double speed 7kW home charger which allows Nissan electric vehicle owners to achieve 100% charge in just 5.5 hours – a 70% reduction in charging time from the previous charging technology.

Designed primarily for for fleet and business owners, Nissan will also be introducing a 22kW super-fast charger which will charge an electric vehicle in two hours.

Following on from the xStorage, Nissan showcased a new home energy storage system (pictured above) which allows customers to plug their electric vehicle directly into a wall box to charge.

It comes with its own built in energy storage system, giving customers the ability to better manage their energy costs and even generate their own electricity from solar panels.

The new range of home and office charging units will be available from early 2018.

Headlining the Nissan Futures 3.0 event was the European premiere of the new Nissan LEAF (pictured above) including a special ’2.ZERO’ version for Europe.

The new Nissan LEAF is capable of travelling 378km/235miles on a single charge and includes ProPILOT Park for fully autonomous parking and e-Pedal technology which lets motorists drive and brake seamlessly using just one pedal.

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