Control home temperature with this cool-looking, smart air conditioner

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evaSMART_Opaque_White.jpgMeet evaSMART: an intelligent new personal air conditioner from Evapolar. Looking a little like a small sub-woofer for a hi-fi system, the new model follows on from the evaLIGHT™ EV-1000, but now offers connected home functionality including integration with Amazon Alexa.

What’s more, with software updates it will soon be able to link to Google Home, Apple Home Kit and Samsung Smarter Things too.

Available to purchase in the UK for €306 (£272) direct from the Evapolar website, evaSMART allows you to create your own ‘comfort’ zone up to four square metres in size.

By using this nanomaterial EvaBreeze in its cartridges instead of traditional cellulose pads, evaSMART’s evaporative pads absorb one hundred times more water than the materials used within conventional evaporative air coolers available today, claims Evapolar.

This in turn enables a much higher level of cooling power compared with bulky evaporative air conditioning systems – which means the unit can be much smaller. You can see images of the product below. 

Says Eugene Dubovoy, co-founder and CEO, Evapolar:

“Personal tech is taking the world by storm and here at Evapolar we’re pioneering the rise of the personal microclimate. Whether you’re working in a hot stuffy office, trying to get to sleep at night or simply going about your day at home, it’s a fact that we as humans all have different preferences when it comes to our own desired warmth and comfort.”

Evapolar’s features include:

  • AIR – 3-in-1: evaSMART cools, humidifies and purifies the air around the individual
  • SMART supports integrations with connected home systems. At launch Amazon Alexa will be integrated, and in future software updates Google Home, Samsung Smart Things and Apple Home Kit will be added
  • CONTROL – through its dedicated mobile app, users can control cooling and airflow settings from their smartphones or tablets
  • EFFICIENT & ECO FRIENDLY – no toxic Freon-like liquid and uses only 12W of electricity to provide up to 400W of cooling power and 100EER
  • CARTRIDGE – three to six months’ life. In-built smart chip indicates how much of the cartridge has been used and sends reminders for when it needs changing
  • TANK – larger water tank means evaSMART can last 6-8 hours before needing to be refilled so you can stay cool during your working day or when sleeping at night without any need to refill
  • DESIGN – Available in multiple colours (Opaque White, Coal Black and Stormy Grey), the device’s LED lighting means users can change the look to match their home or office interior design


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