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No longer do you have to use an Amazon Echo device to ask Alexa to play your favourite music.

Alexa is taking on the likes of Apple’s Siri and Google’s Assistant, by becoming available in the Amazon Music app on iOS and Android in the UK, US, Germany and Austria.

Using Alexa voice controls, customers can ask for music based on genre, decade, mood, tempo, activity or even the lyrics if they can’t remember the name of a song.

For Amazon the move comes as The Wall Street Journal reports that Alexa has overtaken mobile as the top way Amazon Music customers listen to music.

And although Amazon remains third in the music subscription market, behind Spotify and Apple Music, the WSJ reports music companies are eyeing Alexa as a way to make Amazon’s music services more competitive.

Music companies have also been looking into how songs are categorized and tagged, and how that data can be made to be more responsive to voice-activated applications like Alexa.

Says Steve Boom, VP of Amazon Music:

“Amazon Music customers already know and love Alexa from listening on Echo devices. Now our mobile listeners can enjoy an entirely new app experience that combines the power and simplicity of Alexa voice controls with the visual richness of the Amazon Music app.”

To access Alexa within the Amazon Music app,  simply use the push-to-talk function within the Amazon Music app for iOS and Android on connected mobile devices and tablets.

To start listening to music with Alexa wherever you go, simply update the Amazon Music app for iOS or Android. Alexa is also available for Amazon Music customers on Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, Fire TV Edition, Fire Tablets.

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Here are some of US examples of how Alexa can be used on the Amazon Mobile app.

  • Riding in the car and want to listen to that new song by your favourite artist that you just heard on the radio? Just use the push-to-talk feature and say, “Play the new song by Fifth Harmony,” and Alexa will play “He Like That.”
  • Getting out of town for the weekend? “Play music for a road trip.”
  • Going out to meet your college friends and feeling nostalgic? “Play Coldplay from the 2000s” and Alexa will play songs from the band’s first few albums.
  • On your way to the Foo Fighters concert and want to hear their latest song? “Play the song that goes ‘Banging on the ceiling, banging on the ceiling, keep it down” and Alexa will play, “The Sky is a Neighborhood” from the band’s latest release, Concrete and Gold.
  • At the gym and need music for your workout? “Play pop music for lifting weights” or “Play classic rock for cardio.”
  • Heading out the door for a run or a walk and want some tunes? “Play running music”.
  • Want to start your Monday morning commute off right? “Play morning music.” Once 5:00pm hits, “Play music for relaxing.”






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