5 Matched Betting Tips You Must Know



Matched betting is a very serious technique and is used by people all around the world to make profits by “abusing” the odds from different bookmakers and betting exchanges. Because it requires multiple online bookmakers, it is important to find safe and reliable ones, so the first tip is to stay safe and secured!

Online gambling websites such as https://vulkanbet.com/en are licensed and proven over the years, so placing bets there allows you not to worry about processing the withdraws and deposits as they are at 100% success rate.

The website has in-play, casino, sports and even cybersports! It is an all in one indeed. Even though there is a lot happening on the screen, you will quickly realize everything is quite simple, without unnecessary complications. Even the registration takes less than a minute!


The second step is to get fully prepared for the mission you are going on. That requires a few steps:

  • Make sure to have enough cash saved up and invested in websites you are going to use for all the future bets.
  • Get the calculator ready.
  • Use matched betting services! They are extremely helpful and it does most of the hard work for you.

Everything gives better results if done with proper preparation, and does matched betting. Even though it seems like an easy job, with all third party websites and programs, it still requires you to gather the cash and do some of it manually.

Be Smart with Your Money

First of all take the whole thing extremely seriously, because if you do not, mistakes might slip in easily. Stick to the rules keep investing!

You might triple or quadruple the initial investment in no time, so the urge to immediately withdraw all of it is high. But do not do it! Instead, re-invest the cash and make even more. You might not quadruple again, but doubling or even getting x1.2 of the current balance is a very good income compared to the starting amount.

Be cautious with all of the bets and money management overall, as matched betting is a slow but well-worth process in a long terms. One mistake might be crucial as money can be lost fifty times faster than it was earned. Double or triple check everything before executing.

Keeping track of profits and all of the cash going in and out is very important. Checking profits now and then keeps you motivated to stay focused and work hard in order to make even more. Write down every withdraw and deposit you make (especially withdraw) along with date, time and website information. Check the list daily, not allowing a single penny to be forgotten or stuck anywhere but in your wallet.

Constantly Read & Learn

Before the internet was available with this much information, people had to figure out everything themselves or by learning from others who have done it, if they are lucky enough to meet those people at first, and then for the experienced ones to share their knowledge.

Nowadays, forums, all types of calculators, betting services, etc. are available to anyone online. You do not even have to be close to an expert in matched betting in order to start doing so, but you do have to study and gather information. Beginner guides on matched betting can be found all over the internet along with advanced and intermediate courses, for free! Use those, and also visit forums to stay updated on current events and learn additional and new strategies. They are also great for finding safe and reliable websites.

Matched betting is not a system to experiment with as it can only cause negative balance. Do what others who are successful in the field have done hundreds of times, and learn from others mistakes.

Be Incognito

It is a well-known fact that bookmakers are using spyware type of injecting tools such as threatmetrix and iesnare along with supercookies to catch matched bettors and ban their accounts as soon as possible.

It is not enough to manually disable iesnare anymore nor is it enough to use “old-school” VPNs because the IP address is still vulnerable to ThreatMetrix and LSOs if you play slot machines or any other casino game. Sometimes you do not even have to visit their casino.

The key is to have a virtual machine that is located in the cloud. That way, their spywares cannot even get to your desktop (or any other type of machine).

Jolly Lock IPVD is one of the options, and it has great feedback from users, guaranteeing 100% privacy and invincibility to bookmaker’s spyware tools.

With fundamentals locked in your head, these five tips and by following all the basic matched betting rules, you cannot go wrong, so have fun and enjoy the profits!


Chris Price