4 reasons why it is important for your web design to be mobile friendly

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Nowadays, in this era of smartphones and tablets, mobile friendly websites are the trend. If your business site is not mobile friendly, then you are definitely missing out on a lot of visitors and, of course, potential sales or even new business opportunities. If you want your business to prosper, then optimizing your website to be mobile friendly must be done as soon as possible or else, risk your business’ survival in this cutthroat industry.

If you are confused or have no idea on why you should upgrade or optimize your business website into being mobile friendly, then below are four reasons on why you should do so.

  •    Increase in Visitors

With smartphones and tablets and fast 4G and LTE internet speed, people can access the internet with just a few clicks and scrolls on their mobile phones. Riding the train to work while doing shopping? Setting pick-up locations and payment methods while spending time at home? Yes, all of those are possible with today’s technology. And if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website, these people will surely skip your site and go to another site that is mobile friendly.

  •    Increase in Sales

Of course, with more visitors, the more you can potentially sell or do business. If you are able to cater to clients and customers who are accessing your site through their mobile phones, then the more possible sales you can make. Furthermore, with today’s technology, as long as you have the right features installed on your website, then you can even do business and sell your products without even talking to your clients. With just a few clicks, products can be put into a “virtual cart” and the payment processed through in-site paying schemes.

  •    Mobile Web-designs are what people want

As already mentioned, mobile friendly websites are the trend. It is what people want, and there is the saying that goes, “The customer is always right”. And a happy customer will mean a happy business. As long as you keep your customers happy, then your business will eventually prosper.

Take note that with today’s technology, reputation can be established, improved, or destroyed in a matter of a few minutes. Make a single customer unhappy, and he or she will most likely spread bad rumors or tales of their experience with your business to others which will significantly affect your sales. And this is only with one client, imagine dealing with a number of trolls and irate customers.

That is why you should make sure that your website is mobile friendly and can address any concern immediately or at least notify you of problems and issues so that you can solve them immediately and quietly. If you don’t have the capacity to do so, then there are always professional companies like GMG web which specializes in web design.

  •    Faster business transactions

Not only will your business enjoy quick transactions and fast inventory turnovers, but you will also be able to do business with your suppliers in a more efficient manner. Forget setting appointments, just place your order with your price online and negotiations will immediately start. This convenience can only be enjoyed if you have a mobile-friendly site.


Chris Price