7 Things You Need From A Winter Service

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Now is the time to give your car a winter service

1. Check The Battery

During the winter months, flat batteries are one of the most common reasons for breakdowns. The reasons for this are due to the cold weather having an effect on the battery itself by slowing the chemical reaction within. On top of this, the growing use of heaters, lights and other electrics puts further strain on the battery on ignition.

To ensure your battery performs to its optimum over the winter period, it’s important that you don’t leave it unused for prolonged periods – if it hasn’t had a regular charge running through it will often struggle to get going. Keeping a battery charger nearby can be a big help.

2. Top Up Coolant

You should always ensure your coolant is between the minimum and maximum markers on your tank and it is doubly important that there is also anti-freeze in the coolant – this is not only cheap to do but easy, whereas any damage to a frozen engine is costly. Don’t take the risk!

3. Check Tyres

Give your tyres the quick once over, ensuring you look for adequate tread depth and any damage such as splits or bulges. If you live in an area famed for its snowfall, it makes sense to invest in some winter tyres or, failing that, snow socks for your current tyres as these can give you more control and grip in the icy conditions.

4. Top Up Screenwash

With grit and slush on the road in winter, screenwash can be a real godsend for motorists on long journeys. Despite this, it’s important that the concentration of coolant is suitable for cold conditions and keep an eye out for what temperature it will protect you up to, with -10*C being a safe bet.

5. Check Wiper Blades

Give your wiper blades a once over, making sure to check for any splits and damage or dirt that could smear the windscreen. It’s very important that the wipers won’t hinder your driving.

6. Ensure All Lights Are Working

In the dark morning and dark evenings that book-end our winter days, lights are perhaps one of the most important bits on your automobile – not only for your safety but for the safety of other road users and pedestrians. Check your car for faulty or damaged bulbs and replace them if necessary and ensure the casings are kept clean.

7. Check Your Oil

Though you should do this regularly, along with coolant this is doubly important to check during winter and ensure the levels are regularly maintained. Dirty oil can cause many issues to your automobile during winter so it is important to keep on top of it.

All of these tests can be completed by you, and everything you need can be found in our Winterisation section.

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Chris Price