Take control of presentations with Neyya smart ring

The Neyya smart ring – a piece of jewellery that can control your devices via Bluetooth

Move over fitness trackers and smart watches. There’s a new wearable in town – the smart ring. Using Bluetooth technology, the Neyya smart ring can be used to control a number of different applications from the music we listen to the images and text we see on a screen.

Simply tap the ring and swipe across its surface to control the volume of the music or the tracks you listen to via your smart phone or move between slides in applications such as Powerpoint or Keynote seamlessly.

As Neyya President Sonia Hunt told Tech Crunch: “The primary use is all around the entrepreneur business professional. On the work the main use case is for people who are out and about doing presentations. Turn on Bluetooth and you can move through your Keynote presentation, Powerpoint or Presi.”

Other functions include LEDs on the ring to set custom reminders such as taking your medication and a buzzing feature which alerts you to priority callers on your mobile. This can be set up on the Android or iOS companion app.

Available in three sizes (small, medium, large), the ring is designed to be worn on your index finger with your thumb used for swiping the surface. Battery life is around three days if it’s used for three to four hours a day, claims Neyya, and it charges via a base station in around 90 minutes.

First shown as a prototype at TechCrunch’s Hardware Battlefield CES in 2014, Neyya – then called Fin – was conceived in Kochi, India.

Available from premium retailers in time for Christmas, the Neyya smart ring comes in two versions: Titanium (£129) and Gold (£159). It is also available via Neyya’s own website.

Chris Price
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