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03 - Creator Ci40 dev board - full specsYou can’t move for announcements about the iOT (Internet of Things) these days with the number of devices connected to the net expected to reach an astonishing 25 billion by the end of 2015, according to Cisco.

But this product from Imagination Technologies – the third biggest semi-conductor IP company in the world – caught our eye. Aimed largely at the SME (Small to Medium Enterprises) market it’s a DIY kit for those who want to connect their systems to the internet.

This could be for smart home appliances such as a Hive/Google Nest style thermostat which switches heating on and off remotely. Or it could be an advanced security set up complete with internet-based security cameras for a factory or production plant.

Called the Creator Ci40 it’s being billed as iOT in a box and comprises various components including the Ci40 board (pictured above) which acts as a hub for the rest of the system. As it’s a modular set up, you can then add on various components. Provided are three Click companion boards – a temperature sensor, a motion sensor and a relay switch (hundreds more are available via Mikro Elektronika).

There are also two battery powered MikroE 6LoWPAN clicker expansion boards with a mikroBUS socket for adding the sensors.

Although a little bit of technical know how is required, users don’t need a soldering iron and the kit doesn’t have any wires other than the USB cable for power and wired communications to the Ci40 microcomputer. Developers will also be pleased to know that it’s compatible with Google’s Brillo, OpenWrt and Debian.

Various wireless standards are also on board including Bluetooth and WiFi with further standards as an optional extra for control over devices such as blinds, curtains etc.

For a limited period of time the developer kit comprising one Ci40 development board, two clicker expansion boards and three click sensor boards will be available for £70. The price will then increase to £80.

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise £20,000 to take the kit into production with shipping starting in April 2016.

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