The LG G4 will have a hideous LEATHER back

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“How can we make our new rectangle different from the S6 and M9?”, mused LG designers, presumably.

“How about slapping a piece of dead cow to the back?”, suggested the person in the room with no taste.

And that was that.

The above image, as spotted by IBTimes wasn’t supposed to been seen until LG’s new flagship phone is revealed on the 28th. But someone apparently went and posted it to Google Plus. I know what you’re thinking: We can’t believe someone spotted it on Google Plus either.

The phone will apparently come in a “slim arc design” with a number of interchangable leather backs. IBT also reports that the phone will run the same processor as the LG G Flex 2 – the Snapdragon 810 – and unlike its rival Galaxy S6, will come with a removable battery.

James O’Malley
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  • I guess we are all “entitled to an opinion”, and clearly you don’t like leather. But your self-promotion to arbiter of good taste is misjudged, and your puerile and dismissive characterisation of LG’s design process is beneath contempt.

  • Are you aware that it comes in 2-3 different plastic backs as well?

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