The Galaxy Note 5 could have a 4K screen for some reason

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 4 and S6 both push the limits of what smartphones are capable of – sporting quad-HD screens (4x720p), but it seems that the Note 5 – which we’re expecting around August – could go even further and use a full 4K display.


The rumour comes via Phone Arena, which reports on the above slide from an internal Samsung presentation. The company is yet to say anything official.

The 4K (or “Ultra HD”) display looks set to be 5.89″ (or 5.78″ on the “Edge” version), and will run at a massive resolution of 2160×3840 – that’s over 700 pixels-per-inch (ppi), and four times as large as 1080p HD.

The only thing we’re left wondering is… why? Such a display will consume more processing power and (crucially) waste more battery. Is it really worth that trade-off to have such a highly defined screen?

James O’Malley
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