Here’s how fancy the Apple Watch Edition box looks

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Whilst us peasants are stuck picking up the Apple Watch Sport (or maybe the ‘normal’ Apple Watch if we’re feeling particularly extravagant), what do the rich people get?

If you’re willing to part with upwards of eight grand for a piece of technology that isn’t technically better than the £300 version, and that will be out of date in a year, here’s what the fancy box is going to look like – courtesy of Redditor Darekbarquero.


Apparently the case of the Edition will double up as a charging cradle – hence the lightning port on the bottom.


Very fancy. A piece of embossed card with gold writing on – well worth ten grand.


“Did I really just spend the equivalent to 5 months of the average UK salary on this?”


And don’t worry, you get a charging cable too. You’ll definitely need it.

James O’Malley
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