Apple Watch pre-orders start TOMORROW!

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Apple has announced that from tomorrow at 8:01am UK time you’ll be able to pre-order the Apple Watch online or in-store.


Tomorrow will also mark the start of your opportunity to try the watch on – with demo units coming to Apple stores worldwide, as well as high-end fashionable shops, like Selfridges on Oxford Street.

Apple’s spokesperson has said that they expect demand to exceed supply at launch. In other words: Don’t bet on getting an Apple Watch on launch day.

As previously reported, the Watch will start at £300 for the “Sport” edition, going all the way up to over £8000 for the “Edition” edition. But you should just buy the cheap one anyway, as they’re all the same on the inside.

The Apple Watch is due to hit the shops on 24th April.

James O’Malley
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