A new Apple TV is probably coming soon – but it won’t support 4K

Apple, Online TV

Disappointing news for AV nerds who want to be on the cutting edge. It appears that the long awaited, and much expected Apple TV revamp will not support 4K video.


According to Buzzfeed, Apple is skipping support for 4K technology because it is still in its “infancy”. In other words, the fairly reasonable point that there’s nothing to watch in 4K yet, few internet connections capable of delivering 4K streaming, and questions about the hardware too (though as Buzzfeed notes, the A8 chip which is expected to be in the new device is apparently capable of processing 4K).

We probably shouldn’t be too surprised by the news given Apple’s track record of tending to wait until Samsung has released 50 terrible, bleeding-edge devices first, and then swooping in with devices which utilise whatever technological innovation there is in a more elegant and thoughtful way. (See: finger print scanners, phablet screens, etc).

Obviously Apple hasn’t confirmed anything about the new Apple TV yet – such as whether it actually exists or not – but we’re currently expecting to hear more at Apple’s WWDC in June.

James O’Malley
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