Uber opens up to let any app conceivably summon a car


In an interesting move by ride-hailing app Uber, the company has completely opened up its back-end to developers via a new API, which will enable third party apps to request and cancel rides without having to go into the Uber app itself.


If we’re reading the Uber developers blog correctly, what it means is that you could conceivably have a journey planning app – say, CityMapper or similar have a button to summon an Uber right there when you plot your journey.

The upshot for Uber is that whilst it loses some control of the user experience, it will obviously still get a cut of the cash when you pay your fare – and by letting other developers build hailing apps, it could lead to innovations quicker than if we had to wait for Uber itself. Perhaps soon we could be summoning cabs with Siri?

James O’Malley
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