The JIVR e-bike – foldable, lightweight, high-tech and costs from £699

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Put off by the cost, weight and poor design of a lot of E-bikes? Then a UK start up JIVR, is hoping that you will take a look at its new bike which has just launched on Kickstarter.

Its design is slimline and attractive, it foldable and its frame is lightweight (the bike weighs less than 15kg). There’s also no external chain as its powered by a chainless drivetrain. The rechargable battery will give you 20 miles of power from a 90 minute charge, and the handlebar is smartphone compatible.

From a tech perspective perhaps most exciting is that JIVR comes with iBeacon technology, meaning that it can interact with smart devices – including Apple Watch and the new MacBook. Though at the moment there aren’t a great deal of applications, JIVR claims the potential is enormous, and JIVR is holding hackathons in London and San Francisco with an aim to developing new functionalities – all of which will be free.

As for the cost, the bike can be picked up for as little as £699 – though there is a catch or two. You have to sign up to the Ambassador Programme which means that, as long as you live in one of a few select cities, you can pick one up by donating just £699 (£1,300 off the RRP). Even if you don’t, you can get one for as little as £849 if you live in a city with a population of over one million. All they’re asking in exchange is that you commit to cycling more often, write a review, post photos on social media and tweet about your JIVR experiences regularly.

There’s a load more detail, images and videos on the bike’s Kickstarter page.

Disclosure:’s sister agency, Sutro Digital, has been working with JIVR Bike to launch its Kickstarter campaign.

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