The UK’s cheapest smart watch? That’ll be the £29.99 Hannspree Sports Watch

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Fancy a smart watch? Well you could invest £13,500 in a top of the range Apple watch, or if you don’t quite have that wonga then there’s a new model from Hannspree which is a tad more affordable. The Hannspree Sports Watch receives notifications from Android or iPhones via a Bluetooth connection, can monitor your sleep and track your steps, yet it retails for just £29.99.

If anything then, with its rubber strap, chirpy design and low res screen (a 0.68in OLED) it is more of a sports wearable with a notifications option. But if you don’t want access to hundreds of apps on your watch’s tiny screen it could be just the thing you are looking for.

Another bonus is that unlike the more high profile smart watches the Hannspree option can run for up to 10 days before its battery needs a recharge. It comes in black or blue, is spalshproof and if you don’t fancy it on your wrist then an accopanying band turns it into a necklace.

The big question is does the arrival of the Sports Watch mean that we are about to see a tidal wave of ever cheaper watches from the Far East. Is the £15 smartwatch going to be ready in time for this Christmas. And what will be the implications for the other watch makers as they try to tempt people into paying significantly larger sums for their gadgets. Well, we’ll see.

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