The Stig to appear at Gadget Show Live to promote AlcoDigital breathalyser test

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In what has to be fantastic timing given the interest in Jeremy Clarkson and Top Gear at the moment (can’t think why), Ben Collins, otherwise known as The Stig, is to appear at this year’s Gadget Show Live at the NEC on April 7th.

The show sees breathalyser company AlcoDigital andCollins launch the UK’s largest range of breathalysers, with no less than NINE models to choose from starting with the value-for-money AlcoDigital AL2500 Elite (just £39.95) up to the UK’s most accurate Personal Breathalyzer, the AlcoDigital 3000 (outright winner of the What Car? Breathalyzer test) which, the company claims, uses exactly the same sensor and technology as those used by the UK Police.

This brand new range of AlcoDigital breathalyzers for both the consumer and prosumer market also includes three models with click in, click out user-replaceable sensors – a feature unique to AlcoDigital. The newly appointed AlcoDigital Partner Ben Collins will be present on the AlcoDigital stand, demonstrating his Batak skills when wearing AlcoDigital beer goggles that imitate impairment caused by alcohol, and illustrating to visitors why he is so passionate about his new partnership with the brand.

Says Suzannah Robin, AlcoDigital Sales and Training Director: “We’re really excited about this years’ Gadget Show Live, because we will be launching our new retail product range and partnership with Ben.

“Ben’s book, ‘How to Drive’, shares his expert driving skills refined over a 20 year career as one of the best drivers in the world. Our ethos of keeping our roads safe is in perfect synergy with Ben’s message.”

 Adds Ben: “Partnering with AlcoDigital is a natural fit for me. Alongside my books I thoroughly enjoy my work as an inspirational speaker at schools and events, teaching others about driver safety. I am delighted to be working with a brand whose main goal is to make a difference to road safety in the UK.”

For further information about AlcoDigital and their range of breathalyzers, visit

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  • How much is he being paid by alcosense to add a celebrity endorsement to some budget breath testers ?? Sorry but there is an easy solution — just do not drink then drive.

    • Sorry for the delay replying. I think the product is primarily intended for those who want to know if they are still over the limit the day after drinking, rather than those who have a couple of pints and then get in their car and drive. In France, it is now a legal requirement to have a breath tester in your vehicle

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