O2 customers to get access to some Channel 4 shows 48 hours before anyone else

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O2 has today announced that it has thrown a tonne of cash at Channel 4 in exchange for the right to piss off anyone on other networks.


The new “brand partnership” will see O2 Priority customers get the ability to watch a number of new Channel 4 shows before they’re shown on the telly or accessible on demand by everyone else. This includes the likes of Peep Show, Fresh Meat, and Made in Chelsea.

As part of the deal, the O2 logo will also be slapped on basically everything Channel 4 does with its new “All 4” on-demand service that will soon be replacing 4oD.

David Amodio, Channel 4’s “Digital and Creative Lead” claims that “This collaboration with O2 is the most exciting digital partnership in Channel 4’s history”, which is either massively overstating it, or hugely depressing.

Farting out more meaningless words, O2 Marketing & Consumer director Nina Bibby said “We are delighted to be partnering with Channel 4, a brand that represents many of the same values as O2, and most importantly, resonates well with many of our customers”.


James O’Malley
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