Is YouTube planning its own game streaming service?


YouTube could be about to take on Twitch by launching its own live streaming service for gamers, according to one report.


According to The Daily Dot, Google currently has 50 coders working on the new service, which would be a modified version of YouTube Live dedicated to e-sports.

Such a move would make sense as Twitch is perhaps the one category that is making inroads into Google’s online video dominance – and Google knows this, as it nearly bought the service last year until Amazon pulled out the carpet from underneath and picked Twitch up for a $1bn.

Given that the PS4 and Xbox One both already upload to YouTube and stream to Twitch, there’s also a natural route into the consoles for YouTube too, as the relationship between the companies (and the correct parts of the companies) is presumably already there.

James O’Malley
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