Is this the iPhone 6C? A smaller version of the iPhone 6

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There have been persistent rumours that Apple is working on a smaller version of the iPhone 6. Perhaps something the same size as the iPhone 5/5S – and this could be our first glimpse.


The IB Times reports images from “Future Supplier” (whoever that is) which purported show the case of what it dubs the iPhone 6C.


Very similar to the iPhone 5C – the only difference appears to be the shape of the flash and the speaker holes on the bottom – the suggestion is that it will keep the shape of the iPhone 5C rather than the slimmer 6 and 6 Plus. IT Times also claims that it will feature Apple’s “Force Touch” technology, as seen in the most recent Macbook touchpad.

As ever, this is basically just rumour-mongering – and we shouldn’t expect to hear anything concrete for a long while yet. But we’ll keep you posted.

James O’Malley
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