Is Nokia making phones… again?!

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Could Nokia be working on a new phone? What once might have been unremarkable is now quite unexpected.


So, rewind to last year and you’ll remember that Nokia sold its mobile phone business to Microsoft – and gradually the “Nokia” name has been phased out of Microsoft’s Windows Phones – hence why we have Microsoft Lumia branded phones.

So with no mobile phones to produce, what is the remaining chunk of Nokia to do? It seems the answer is… to make mobile phones.

According to BGR, a benchmarking website has spotted a new handset branded the Nokia 1100.

The phone, which looks set to be a mid-range affair, with 720p screen, 8MP camera and ho-hum 1.3ghz processor will apparently be running Android (rather than Windows Phone), and presents the interesting prospect of a Nokia, reborn as one of the endless generic mid-range Android producers.

The purported move follows the announcement last year of the Nokia N1 tablet, which also runs Android. It’ll be interesting to see if the new phone can make an impact.

James O’Malley
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