Bluetooth umbrellas are now a thing

Gadgets, Internet Of Things

Just when you thought that everything that could be invented has been invented, someone goes and makes a bluetooth umbrella. Check out Kisha, which functions just like a normal umbrella, but pairs to your phone so that if you leave home without it, your phone will let you know.

Apparently the app is smart, so will check the weather forecast in the morning and let you know if you need to take it with you today. You can also set up “geofencing” around your house and other places, so that your phone won’t send you alerts when the umbrella is safely somewhere else.

According to the press release the actual physical umbrella is 100% corrosion free, 100% windproof, with perfect stitching, has 16 polyurethane ribs and an opening and closing system.

How much for a bluetooth umbrella I hear you cry? A whole £49.

James O’Malley
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