3D 2.0’s launches Kickstarter for ‘Photoshop’ of the 3D printing world


retouch3D 2.0 Inc. has announced a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for a new 3D printing product called Retouch3D.

Basically it’s a hand-held heated tool the size of an electric toothbrush with variable heat settings and interchangeable tips designed specifically for finishing 3D prints. It will allow makers to clean-up 3D prints with the assistance of temperatures matched to the thermal properties of their printing material. Retouch3D will be compatible with the mainstream materials used in 3D printing including PLA, ABS, and resin-based systems.

Interchangeable tips are designed for specific 3D retouching tasks, including removal of support material, refining layer imperfections and stringing, blending print surfaces and infill gaps.

”Until you own a 3D printer, what you don’t realize is that removing supports and getting rid of printing errors can be frustrating and time-consuming,” said Phil Newman, Founder, 3D 2.0. “We figured that if heat created a 3D print, then heat would be the best way to clean it up. And that’s how Retouch3D was born.”

Initially available through Kickstarter, backers have access to a special early bird price of just $149. For early adopters, 3D 2.0 is offering the chance to become a beta tester. Beta testers will exclusively help the company finalise the design of the Retouch3D’s control system and interchangeable tips.


Chris Price
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