What tablet has the best camera?

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Despite modern phones having cameras in them with hugely powerful cameras, tablets are somewhat left behind. But if you do want to shoot photos with your tab, what has the best camera?

Obviously comparing cameras across devices is incredibly tricky, but on spec alone and using the simple (and some pro-photographers would say too simple) comparison of the number of megapixels – there’s surprisingly only one winner. The Huawei MediaPad X1.

Despite being a virtual unknown, the camera packs a 13MP camera into its 7″ body – which can shoot photos at 4160×3120. It also sports autofocus and LED flash. The front-facing camera is also relatively decent – coming in at 5MP, which is better than many tablets rear camera.

The rest of the tablet’s features don’t stack up too badly either: Its powered by a 1.6ghz quadcore processor, and thought it comes running Android Jellybean, it can be upgraded to KitKat. (Here’s hoping for a Lollipop update in the future).

If you’d like a large tablet from a more established brand (though Huawei is increasingly one to watch), and are willing to compromise on the camera, there’s around 30 tablets on the market with an 8MP camera or better. The iPad Air 2 and Samsung Galaxy Tab S both have 8MP shooters, and the Sony Xperia Z2, has an 8.1MP camera.

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  • MediaPad X1 has nice camera, but the screen is 7 inches only.
    Maybe you should take a look at iPad pro 9.7 . . .

  • Unfortunately, most tablets cameras are poorer than the ones on Smartphones. You don’t buy tablets for the camera. The 2013 Nexus 7 only has 5MP rear camera

    • I’ll stick to tablet camera + bluetooth headset (for voice calls), I don’t like the small screens on most smartphones and P&S cameras.

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