Uber for HELICOPTERS is now a thing

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Calling up an app to hail a cab is no longer very impressive – everybody does it. So how can you show you’re on the cutting edge now? By booking a helicopter, of course.


According to Boarding Area, Gotham Air is now offering a booking service for helicopter trips between New York’s two major airports and downtown Manhattan – for as little as $99. The journey will take about six minutes compared to two hours in a car.

Like Uber and rival services like Minicabster, Gotham Air doesn’t own the helicopters, it merely connects up people who want a ride with the companies that own helicopters.

Unlike taxi services though, you don’t just get the helicopter to yourself. The booking system will only confirm a flight once four or more people (the choppers have six seats) have signed up – because it would be uneconomical to fly otherwise.

Its certainly an interesting idea, and we’d certainly like to give it a try. But as Boarding Area notes – isn’t 25 pounds (about 11kg) in baggage allowance a bit stingy?

James O’Malley
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