Amiibos to unlock partial NES and SNES games on WiiU


Nintendo has managed to find yet another way to leverage its back catalogue of titles, announcing plans to use Amiibo figures to unlock old games.


According to Kotaku, the plan was announced in a call to Nintendo investors. Presumably the way it will work is that when you touch your Mario figure on the WiiU tablet, the game will be activated.

However – Amiibo won’t unlock full games. It will merely offer “highlighted scenes”, and if you touch your Amiibo again, you’ll be able to play a bit more. Apparently this will simulate the sensation of switching out game cartridges.

Whilst it sounds like it could be interesting – think how NES Remix mixed up the old games we know so well – we can’t help but wonder if it is the result of an awkward compromise between the executives that wanted to add value to Amiibo, and the executives that wanted to keep milking the old games on the Eshop.

James O’Malley
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