HTC smartwatch to support both iPhone and Android?

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We’ve been hearing rumours about the smartwatch that HTC is reported working on for ages, but now we’re hearing suggestions that the new watch will work across platforms.

This is a phone and not a smartwatch, but we don't have a picture of the watch yet.
This is a phone and not a smartwatch, but we don’t have a picture of the watch yet.

To make such a move, HTC would be forced to abandon Google’s Android Wear platform and develop its own that will work with both mobile operating systems. According to 9to5Google, the device which is codenamed “PETRA” will instead feature a custom operating system built by HTC.

The device itself is rumoured to have a 1.8″ display, running at 32×160 pixels (weird), and will come in three sizes and two colour combinations. Perhaps most importantly, it will allegedly have a three day battery life.

Such a move might make some sense for HTC. Opening up to both platforms gives it more potential wrists to wrap around, and it will also give iPhone users a (presumably cheaper) alternative to the Apple Watch. The danger for HTC though is the lack of support for third parties and for deeper OS integration.

Presumably we’ll hear more in a few weeks at Mobile World Congress.

James O’Malley
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