Console OS will let you run Android on your PC – and is now free!

Android, Computers

There have been a number of attempts over the last few years by developers to get Android running on desktop PCs and laptops. I mean, why not? Android has millions of apps available so it would make perfect sense. One of the best attempts at making it a reality is known as Console OS, and it has just been announced that it is now free to download.

Though aimed at gaming, Console OS runs just like Android on a tablet – but also supports trackpads, mice and keyboards too, and will run all sorts of different apps. Installation will be familiar to anyone who has used Linux before: You simply have to burn the disk image to a USB drive and boot from that – it will even run off the USB stick if you don’t want to risk your hard disk.

Development is still at a relatively early stage, with only a handful of devices fully supported, but it could be a sign that Android on the desktop could be a major player in the future. You can sign up and download on the Console OS website.

James O’Malley
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