Amazon releases “Kindle Convert” app to turn any book into a Kindle book


Amazon has launched a Windows app that will help you scan in your books and turn them into Kindle books. All you need is a hell of a lot of patience.


The app is really designed for institutions – such as libraries and museums which have collections of old and rare books that really ought to be digitised before the ravages of time destroy the books forever.

Kindle Convert will help users, as they tediously scan page-after-page manually by keeping track of what the last page scanned was, and performing OCR on the text to make it readable by computers – it will also help mark annotations and pictures. It will also automatically back-up your scans to the cloud, to make sure the time consuming effort isn’t futile.

Kindle Convert is currently only available in the US, and will set you back $19 at the moment (though its list price is $49).

James O’Malley
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