Which UK mobile network has the best value data contract?

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When it comes to figuring out the best mobile contract for your mobile, the networks don’t make it easy. There’s a myriad of different options, and there’s no easy way to offset minutes, with text messages, with data – let alone taking into consideration the various freebies that get thrown in. But let’s face it: What you really need is data. Forget calling – who makes those? And forget text messaging, as everyone just uses Facebook or WhatsApp now. So which network has the best data deal?


In the following comparison, we looked at 12 month SIM-only contracts – because once you factor in specific handsets it gets unbelievably complex. We’ve also ignored any extras – such as Vodafone throwing in free Spotify or Netflix or EE’s free cinema tickets because it is difficult to put a price on what these would be worth to you.

The “value” has been calculated in this instance by price-per-gigabyte of data, dividing the price by how much data you get – because nobody cares about calls or texts.


As you can see, top of the pack is EE perhaps unsurprisingly because it offers the biggest data packages – and generally the more you buy in bulk the cheaper it gets.

Where can I get an unlimited mobile data contract?

The only network to offer unlimited is Three, which currently has, umm, three different contracts – varying the number of minutes. £15/month will get you 200 minutes and unlimited data, £20/month will get you 600 minutes and unlimited data, and £25/month will get you unlimited everything.

James O’Malley
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