Twitch adds a music library to avoid rights issues


Game streaming service Twitch has added a section to its website called “Twitch Music Library”, featuring hundreds of royalty free tracks on Spotify and Soundcloud that streamers can use to make their streams a little bit more bearable.


Whilst it may seem strange for a game streaming service to get into music, it actually makes good sense as since Twitch sold out and got bought by Amazon, it has had to play by the rules – in this case, respecting music copyright rules. This annoyed a lot of its regular users, who are used to being able to add music to their streams – and the talk of Amazon adding a YouTube-style content ID system that would automatically silence any offending tunes was met with a big backlash (however legally necessary it was).

Twitch Music Library should help placate users a little. Whilst you may not be able to tediously add Let The Bodies Hit The Floor by Drowning Pool to every Call of Duty video, at least there’s some alternative options to awkward silence.

James O’Malley
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