Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S Edge names confirmed

Android, Mobile phones

A slip-up by Vodafone Netherlands has revealed that Samsung’s next flagship phones will be known as the Galaxy S6 (surprise, surprise) and the Galaxy S Edge.


The news comes via Slashgear, which reports that a placeholder has been spotted in the Dutch Vodafone website’s source code: Hidden from public view, but ready to be set live as soon as Samsung announces the phone.

The phone is expected to be coming in two guises: one with a normal, flat screen, and the other with curves on either side (a bit like the Galaxy Note Edge). Whilst we’ve always expected the S6 to be called the S6 (it follows the S5, after all), simply calling the expected curved variation on the phone the Galaxy S Edge (with no number) is more surprising.

Either way, the fact that the retailers and networks are now getting ready for the new phones, it does suggest we can expect an announcement sooner rather than later. We’ll keep you posted.

James O’Malley
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