Meet “Triby”, the bizarre answer to a question that nobody asked.

CES 2015, Gadgets

“Does a bluetooth speaker exist, which has an e-ink display, and can stick to my fridge?”. It does now.


Check out Invoxia’s “Triby”, a device designed for use in the kitchen, when your hands may be too busy to take that important call. It’s a strange device – think a big speaker, which sticks to your fridge with magnets. It is also connected to wifi and bluetooth and can do the following:

– Take calls on your phone, via bluetooth. The speaker has conference-call technology to pick up your voice wherever you are in the room.

– Receive calls on the “dedicated line”. This doesn’t use your landline, but essentially creates a Skype-style voice connection with the Triby phone app, enabling you to speak to the kitchen from wherever you are.

– Listen to the radio, using the wifi or bluetooth to stream, or by using the built-in FM radio.

– Send a “connected post-it”. For some reason there’s an e-ink display, which users of the Triby app can send messages to. As it is e-ink (like a Kindle display), it will continue to display the message even when it is switched off. Perhaps most bizarrely is the physical notification icon: a piece of yellow plastic which pops out the side when you get a message. What do you mean this is less efficient than sending a text message? Shut up.

This godless chimera is said to have a battery life looks set to be a month (hey, that’s not bad), with a suggested retail price of $199/€199 – or about £130.

James O’Malley
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